I’m almost a 4 year old wh*re, apparently

It’s been almost 4 years when we found out, working at ABB, that we’re like wh*res. But sometimes, and it is a really good message, we put aside the animosities and holidays usually supports this idea.

I admit, thanks to ABB, I know about the “International Wh*res’ Day“. However, as we can find advantages in everything, so using this knowledge and magical occasion:

My dears,

CEO, Executive committee,  Board of directors of ABB,

On this festive day, I am asking you to pass on for everyone – like a wh*re at ABB, my kindly wishes:


In return, I dedicate all of You this holiday version of mabbing.com

With words of the highest admiration, kisses

Stan like a wh*re, apparently