An annual evaluation – “good practices” in ABB, next level

In many corporations, every year, there’s a summary of results and tasks which is an annual evaluation

In ABB there was a grading scale from 1 to 4 where 4 was the highest possible grade. I have received the highest one, 4, in 2014 for the previous year.

In 2015 my supervisior, director of the division Magdalena M. proposed a 3. When I asked her what were the gounds to be given such grade she wasn’t able to name any. I refused to sign and accept the grade as I didn’t know what it was based on. In theory, even if the grade was true and there was something I was supposed to improve – I should  at least know what it was.  I proposed a second round with HR director present.

Short while after that I had a talk with HR director Jerzy C, which later in a letter I wrote to him I called  an “educational” one and which I’m quoting here, here and here. During this talk he told me that had he been the director of the division, he would have given me a 2.

Director of the division Magdalena M. is asking me for a meeting to talk over current results, and then she goes through with anothe annual evaluation (without HR director present) proposing this time a 2 (sounds familiar?) and again is giving me no reasons.

When I ask why this conversation is taking place under a pretext of current affairs, she gives me no answer. When I ask where this sudden change of heart is coming from (from 3 to 2), she clearly has  problems with logical argumentation. When I ask why she didn’t propose a 2 from the beginning, she says she wasn’t in possesion of additional information – what was this information? Nobody knows. I refuse again to accept the grade and on the 19th of March I put in our system that I don’t accept neither the grade nor behaviors of a mobbing nature.

On the 23rd of March I am given a notice. Loss of trust.

Truly global ethical standards.  For ABB & United Nations Global Compact – Congrats!


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