Vengeance or a huge embarrassement?

In ABB in addition to commercial manager position I worked also as KAM for one of the selected customers and my job was to coordinate ABB cooperation with this Cilent on the level of all the divisions. The company was of course operating in the energy sector, let’s just call them ZPU (Zakład Produkcji Urządzeń – Equipment Manufacturer) – one of the biggest on our market.

I left ABB on the last day of April of 2015.

In July of 2016 it turned out that the above mentioned ZPU is looking for a commercial director.

I was invited to a job interview that lasted 2.5 hours. During this conversation my future supervisor (who was actually the one interviewing) emphasized that although he had not worked with me directly, nevertheless he had been keeping an eye on how I worked and so he said he was impresed how efficiently and quickly I had maned to solve problems and issues that before were supposed to be unsolvable.

Without any additional interviews with the HR or the Board, I was offered the post of commercial director of the whole network at the end of July and few weeks later I got a letter of intent with all the conditions of cooperation lited. I gladly accepted the offer.

The contract was to start on the 1st of September, 2016.

A month had passed.

3 days before the start of the cooperation I received a call, from the supervisor I mentioned earlier, that the Board had not approved my appointment and the reason was a negative feedback the Chariman received on me from ABB.  I asked for specific reasons and chance to defend myself, but I was denied that privilege, the only reason given was that I was not approved because of the negative opinion from ABB.

I do remind you that it all happened more than a year after I had ended the cooperation with ABB.

I wrote a letter to ABB Board with demand for the amount of yearly salary (an equivalent of my annual contract direct remuneration) to be transferred to the organization dealing with solving the problems of persons in a coma.

ABB denied any interferring and refused to transfer the money.

Who’s lying then?

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