ABB and who needs the compassion?

Thank you for the attention and emails. Today, let’s “talk” about the compassion. The Reader, thanking me for describing ABB’s real face sends me condolences becouse of my experience and consequences.

Hmmm, let’s check who needs the compassion:

1. Adults, well-educated, intelligent and ambitious managers, fathers, are compared to wh*res, humiliated at a meeting with the CEO presence. No one protests. CEO also.
Who needs the compassion?

2. The CEO in response … congratulates. Twice. “As wh*res” are witnesses, they do not have the courage to react, again. Brave hearts.
Who needs the compassion?

3. The CEOs from the countries subordinate to CEO Paweł L., thanks to, are aware of the above shamefull standards. The worst is the fact: they know that their subordinates … also know.
Who needs the compassion?

4. ABB employees are now aware that, apart from the official duties, they have also informal, e.g.:

• Pretend not to know, and / or
• Pretend, it does not impress me
• “Shaking hand” of the boss, pretend that the hand sweats out of respect
• Pretend not to see in the eyes of colleagues that … they also know
• Wonder how the boss will compare of me
• How should I react when my child asks if my boss has such habits
• How should I react when my child asks if I was also named …
• What if child asks me to explain the meaning a wh*re,
• What if already knows the meaning
• What if my child asks why I did nothing…?
• …

Who needs the compassion?

5. Ethics department and top management from ABB, after reporting disgraceful behavior, give the inferiority complexes for the biggest hypocrites.
Who needs the compassion?

6. New employees of companies bought by ABB begin to understand the real standards of the new employer.
#ABB_family our love Mabbing

Who needs the compassion?

And what when (when, not “if”) about these abhorrent standards read the…

Soon in the next post.