Employees are like wh*res – reality in ABB

Almost third hour of  “division business review” meeting.

Participants: CEO Paweł Ł., financial director Mirosław M., division director Magdalena M., several of her subordinate managers.

Division manager Magdalena M. speaking:

… We, as I said one time using a word I won’t use here, but yes, after one meeting the gentlemen were worried that the contract was won by P… and not by S… and that due to this, several million went – I was only smiling, because for me it makes no difference who wins, I’ll have my orders anyway, besides with P.. and with N… we cooperate, as I say, we behave a little bit like wh*res *** , I mean we do it with everyone. Ha ha ha.

After that CEO Paweł Ł. was speaking: …

What answer did CEO Paweł Ł. give to Magdalena M? Fill the Questionnaire: like wh*res.

Questionnaire results.


Dear reader, what do you think, what word had the director of the division in mind saying:

…”I said one time using a word I won’t use heremake a guess


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*** author’s footnote – synonym of: panny lekkich obyczajów