Intimidate, ridicule, threat … HR ABB director’s methods

I’ve sent a note to the CEO, among others, that I feel decieved by my supervisor (CC to her). In reply, HR director Jerzy C. became my “mentor”.

The meeting is in progress, participants: HR Director Jerzy C., Stanislaw (me).

Below is the frame of the conversation, as an example how high is the ethic standard and how friendly are the discussions with a employee who reported an ethical miscondut to the Board.

HR Director  Jerzy C.:

…I realised that we need to clear a certain field, if we don’t clear it, just as I said to you at the beginning, I have serious doubts if there is a point of going furher at all. Anything… from the past experience I know that at the end the solutions are often drastic…

 HR Director  Jerzy C.:

…This problem is also your problem, nobody is responsible for it. If you say that here’s Waldek S. (HR manager) because he didn’t complete the recruitment – who cares, who cares? Why you “the great menago” didn’t  push Waldek S. to complete it…

 HR Director  Jerzy C.:

…and Tarak is way more insolent than I am, much, much more. He won’t listen to anything you say. He’ll just hit and move on…Because he doesn’t care.

 HR Director  Jerzy C.:

…And I thought that if we don’t clear the air today, you and me, I mean, you’ll do what you please…


It’s obvious, the same me and you.

HR Director  Jerzy C.:

Absolutlely. Well, that will be your decision,  but I’m telling you, we’re very effective in this area as a company, if we go on escalating certaint things, we’ll bang our heads against the wall. Then everyone will suffer, everyone, you, Magda and us, and after all we’ll be the ones to do the job, us (HR departmet), and in the end we’ll be screwed, get it?

And on top, for flavour, Jerzy C about himself:

HR director  Jerzy C.:

..I know that I’m one of few certified managers in ABB…

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