Sushi, sexism and shame – who is shaking the World without moving the Earth

Opening the purchased lunchbox sushi, I had the impression that I see mold, unfortunately. For me it is not a joke. I decided to inform the producer. Immediate reaction – courier. Producer checked, tested and is sending info to me with the results of the investigation, uff! It’s not a mold – an aesthetic dud, nothing more

Time of action 2,5 days.

A well-known company is looking for a new employee, someone is placing a recruitment advert on LinkedIn, and someone, probably according to his nature, in a boorish way comments – the local branch and european headquarters intervene.

Time of action less than 2 days.

Another known company:
– HR director, a certified manager, intimidates and crassly threatens
– Division’s director calls employees: an idiot, an asshole and compares to the wh*res, …
– CEO congratulates
I report to the headquarters in Switzerland, also to the CEO. I promise to provide evidence. I delivered. No results. I have decided to notify the Board of directors. I got the answer, special answer because department is special too:

Dear Mr…
As there is a court case pending relating to the issue, therefore, we leave it to the court to decide and in the meantime we do not comment any further.
Thanks and regards,
Gurjit S.
Group Head – Office of Special Investigations

Can you see where is the trick?

Lawsuit purpose was to restore my job.
I have sent a notification 18 (eighteen) days before I was fired and it was also about the humiliation of emoployees and disgraceful management style (division director, HR director, CEO) in ABB.

Why they are doing like that?

And how to punish the director if the CEO congratulates? How to punish the HR director Jerzy C. if he is certified? How to …
They decided, under the cover of the court trial, run away from a feces bomb which will spray a serious part of ABB topmanagement.

Action time 1180 days and … still on (look at the counter: “Waiting for Mr. Volker”).

Which one of the above Companies “shakes the World without moving the Earth”?