Tarak will hit & move on… threatens HR director

One of the examples, I fighted with in ABB, February of 2015, during a meeting, participants:

My “mentor” – HR director Jerzy C. & Stanislaw (me)

The conversation is about the recruitment process that had taken place, to which I repeatedly made my comments and suggestions, and even begged for HR support in that matter.

HR director Jerzy C. is underestimating the problem and trying to discourage me from any activity in the subject. He does not hesitate to threaten me using the authority of a top manager from Switzerland, Tarak.

HR director  Jerzy C.:

…From the point of view of the big  values, it doesn’t matter if one position of a salesman in K.atowice, the other one in Poznań and the third one in Szczecin was or was not filled. The more, I don’t think Szczecin was any kind of boom nor was it a critical moment.  It can help, a lot, but you know how it is, this is a doube-edged sword, you use one edge and the other one can be used by an insolent guy like me, and Tarak is way more insolent than I am, much, much more. He won’t listen to anything you say. He’ll just hit and move on. Because he doesn’t care.

After a while I understood why he was trying to stop me and hadn’t hesitated to threaten me.

HR director  Jerzy C.:

…First time in history since I work in ABB, I’ve heard on the Board, that the sales is down because the HR hadn’t recruit a few salesmen. It was the first time. It never happened before and I’m gonna put it like this, I’ve talked to many people to explain it and I still don’t get it and I don’t wanna talk about it today, I need to push some things, ’cause I understand, that some things are in the pipeline, and some people are waiting for some offers, some meetings, etc. …

Doubts that I had and still have.

  1. Does Tarak know that HR director Jerzy C. is using his authority to shut me up?
  2. Does Tarak know that HR director Jerzy C. during a business conversation calls him using a synonym of a “impudent”?

11 of March, 2015, I adressed that particular part of the conversation with an email which I quote below: 

From: Stanislaw …
Sent: Wednesday, March 11, 2015 8:47 AM
To: Jerzy C.
Subject: mentoring 1

 III. Stress

I’m not sure why you told me that you’re an insolent bloke – It is not my business and it’s not my position to judge it.

But I cannot tolerate that you call the boss … Tarak “a way more insolent”, and you called him so twice if I wrote that down correctly. That are the definitions of “insolency” I googled out. Keywords – insolence meaning”:

  • dictionary.cambridge.com – rude and not showing respect,
  • merriam-webster.com – insultingly contemptuous in speech or conduct;

I’m completely confused. Is this a kind of test?

I think that you shouldn’t put me in such position, especially since I think highly of Tarak – and I respect the way he does his job. I have to ask you to contact him in person and clear this situation. Will you be able to do it until the end of this week? Thank you, Stanisław


  1. Did HR director Jerzy C. get in touch with Tarak, explained himself and said he was sorry?
  2. Does Tarak even know that he was used in the conversation with me to intimidate me, and at this occasion – in what way HR director, Jerzy C. speaks of him?

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