Wake-up call to Mr. Ulrich S. CEO of ABB

Several times, directly (via email) and indirectly (via the “Ethics Department” in ABB) I wrote to ABB CEO Mr. Ulrich S., informing, inter alia, about:

– comparing employees to wh..res,

– the disgraceful reaction of Paweł Ł., CEO of ABB,

– “HR standards” of Mr. Jerzy C. certified manager, HR director at ABB

GUARANTEEING that I will provide PROOF.

With no effect.

Postulating for courage, I dedicate to Mr. Ulrich S. CEO of ABB the words of Mr. Scott Stringer from an interview at CNBC (about FB) regarding the same problem – ETHICS :

…”And step up and tell the story, and explain the problems. Do not go silent, do not think this is going to go away.”…*

At the same time, this is my appeal to finally deal with the problem of ethics in ABB.


PS. Let’s write the future.

* Source: CNBC