– what’s with the hypocrisy of ABB?

In March 2013 I started co-operation with ABB on the sales & marketing director position.

At the beginning of 2015, I was looking for the support because of the behaviors of the mobbing nature from my superior’s side – Magdalena M. With no results.

Believing in ABB’s ethics – ”… a strict zero tolerance policy for violations of the law or the ABB Code of Conduct…”, acting in good faith, in March 2015 I have sent a letter to the headquarter in Switzerland ( with my doubts in relation to the practices of humiliation by several ABB’s top managers, including:

  • A lot of different sad or abhorrent habits.

Then again I was subjected to another unethical behavior connected with annual appraisal.

Despite assurances, quoted: “Regional Human Resources Manager Volker S. … will be in contact with you at the earliest opportunity …” no one contacted me and less than 3 weeks after I sent the email to the “Ethics” dept. in Switzerland , and a few days after the fact, that I refused to sign an annual appraisal as that I do not tolerate behaviors of the mobbing nature, I got fired – loss of trust.

I made an appeal against this decision to the Labour Court and I provided evidence of reprehensible practices in ABB.

At the same time I want to emphasize my attention to the interests of ABB – by not publishing this facts. I’ve consisted twice an email proposal to the CEO Ulrich S. to explain the case within ABB, expecting only to withdraw the termination of employment and reimbursement of costs associated with the court.

I did not get a response for the first email, after another, info from a lawyer (a witness in the Court process!) that I do not get it until the judgment.

It means, in essence, that regardless the judgment, in ABB is tolerated (in spite of the evidence provided) that the employees who humiliate others still have a job at ABB and, what unbelievable – on the highest management positions (!).

I wrote to dozens of people at ABB, including the Board of directors and Executive committee. With no effects.

It’s difficult to me to find much more frightening example of hypocrisy.

Next level: 
At the end of July 2016 I got a job offer from the Key Client of ABB. I received a letter of intent with employment for the position of Commercial Director with the date of 01.09.2016. 
After a month, and three days before the start of the work I received a phone call from my future employer that he withdraws from the job offer, as the chairman of the supervisory board received such a negative opinion about me from ABB.

I wrote a letter to ABB Board with demand for the amount of yearly salary (a few hundred thousand PLN – an equivalent of base of my annual contract) to be transferred to the organization dealing with solving the problems of persons in a coma.

ABB denied.

The Client confirms again – from ABB.

ABB has received evidence of the abuse practices and … top managers humiliating employees are still working at ABB and are doing well.

Stan like a wh*re, apparently